Internachi Certified Professional Inspector

Licensed Home Inspector Danny Dickerson

Inspecting Homes Throughout the Greater Columbus, OH Area

Home Inspector Danny Dickerson

Meet Your Inspector

Danny Dickerson served as a Warrant Officer in the U.S. Army. From there, he took his inspiration for the name of Rising Eagle Property Services. The Army’s crest was called an Eagle Rising, and it symbolizes growth, improvement, climbing to new heights, and achieving bigger goals. That’s exactly what Danny does each day as a home inspector.

He began inspecting homes by working with a friend who is a licensed home inspector and general contractor. In 2021, Danny started a home improvement/handyman business and began remodeling properties for investors. Since then, he has become licensed as a home inspector. He offers home inspections and a handyman service.

Danny has a passion for homes and residential properties. He enjoys teaching buyers what to look for, so that they may understand the condition of various properties that most people don’t notice. 

InterNACHI Home Inspector Danny Dickerson

Danny Dickerson’s Qualifications

Although Danny’s initial training came via working with a licensed home inspector, he has also put in the time and effort to become a true professional.

Moisture Meter Inspection by Home Inspector Danny Dickerson

Special Industry Tools

In addition to providing a visual inspection of everything, Danny also has a few special industry tools that help him find out exactly what’s going on inside your future home.

  • Moisture Meter – With our moisture meter, we can determine whether there are any areas of moisture in your home. This meter can also determine if there’s any accumulations of mold that have been caused by moisture.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector – Allowing carbon monoxide to build up unnoticed in your home is a recipe for disaster. Fortunately, we’ll use our carbon monoxide detector to look for any signs of trouble.
  • Gas Leak Detector – We all know the terrible odor of gas. But did you know that humans can’t detect the smell of a tiny leak? We’ll use our gas leak detector to determine if your home is safe from gas leaks.